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X-rays On Site is a useful facility in hospitals. An X-ray imaging technique that has been used for decades. It’s a convenient way to help your doctor see the inside of your body without making an incision.

We have an X-rays On Site machine at our centre in Dearborn. Not only does it help our doctors in diagnosing different medical conditions, but it also helps monitor and treat many.

Need for X-rays On Site in Dearborn

X-rays make use of electromagnetic waves as a type of radiation. These pass through your body and are absorbed.

Depending upon the tissues’ density, different amounts of radiation are absorbed.

This creates a black-and-white image on X-ray film. Bones, being the densest material in the body, readily absorb X-rays and hence appear white on X-rays.

While fat and muscles absorb less radiation, they appear grey. Air anywhere in the body, including the one in the lungs, absorbs the least radiation, hence appearing black.


X-rays On Site are a convenient tool that not only helps your doctor in early diagnosis.

But also assists in monitoring or treatment of medical conditions.

However, overuse of this radiation might harm the body in the form of lasting mutations that may lead to cancer.

That’s why your doctor weighs the pros and cons of your exposure to an X-rays machine.

And only gives a green signal if the benefits outweigh the hazards.

Conditions Under Which You May Require X-rays On Site


One of the common reasons your doctor orders an X-rays On Site. The imaging technique helps to diagnose a bone fracture and also to verify if bones are healing correctly after a medical procedure. Beyond fractures, X-rays have been used in identifying bone deformities and dislocated joints. Mostly ligament sprains are diagnosed by your doctor clinically, but in cases of confusion or severe multiple injuries, X-rays On Site might help rule out a fracture.

Chest Conditions: 

  1. Lung-related: Pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchitis, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, or foreign bodies.
  2. Cardiac problems: One of the early signs of cardiac failure shows up on X-rays.
  3. Blocked blood vessels: A special X-ray technique using an iodine-containing contrast can highlight sections of the circulatory system. This can make blocked blood vessels visible.


  1. Digestive system: With a Barium contrast medium given in a drink or an enema, X-rays On Site can help highlight digestive tract problems.
  2. Swallowed foreign bodies: Any foreign body like a key, coin, etc swallowed by a child or those having mental issues can be picked up on an X-rays On Site.


When it comes to diagnosing tumours and their stages, X-rays play a vital role. X-rays On Site are usually used for cancer screening tests in both bones and tissues. Some of the common cancers picked up through X-rays include lung, bone, colon, and prostate cancer. However, caution is required while ordering X-rays On Site, as excessive use of their radiation may act as a causative agent for cancer.


X-Rays On Site for Arthritis:

Other investigations might help in making a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, a type of arthritis affecting cartilage at the ends of bones that make joints. However, your doctor orders an X-rays On Site to see the amount of cartilage damage and underlying bone changes.

Tooth Decay:

Dental X-rays On Site help to show the amount of tooth decay that usually escapes the eye of a dentist during an oral examination. Also, bone loss, gum infections, and diseases are picked up on X-rays.

Our doctors at Dearborn Centre are ready to serve you. Contact us if you need to avail yourself of our X-ray on-site services or need our doctor’s opinion in this regard.

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