Covid PCR Testing

Dearborn Covid PCR Testing

Test to Treat COVID

The “Test to Treat” program is a nationwide initiative to ensure “on the spot” rapid access to free lifesaving COVID-19 treatments for everyone.

Dearborn Test Center

If you don’t have a doctor, contact West Dearborn Urgent Care to get low-cost test and health care. Insurance and ID are not required.

COVID-19 Testing Center

Help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Anyone, including people who are fully vaccinated, should consider getting tested before joining indoor gatherings with others who are not in your household.

  • A positive test result means that you have an infection and should avoid indoor gatherings to reduce the risk of spreading disease to someone else.
  • A negative test result means that you may not have an infection. Repeating home self-tests with at least 24 hours between tests will increase the confidence that you are not infected.
  • Ask your healthcare provider if you need help interpreting your test results.
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