Our Primary Care Treats almost all Non Life-Threatening Conditions.

We offer cost-effective care and convenient services while focusing on providing exceptional patient care.

The following primary care services are provided by West Dearborn Primary Care on a walk-in basis:

Chronic Conditions

Geriatric Services

Immunization & Preventive Care

Laceration Procedures

Women's health service

Lab Tests

Skin Care

Sudden illnesses

West Dearborn Urgent Care 

We offer a wide range of health treatments. Providing primary care for diverse medical needs is our significant responsibility. Your medical health is significant, so caring for it is essential. Everybody’s health needs are unique, and having a reliable medical services supplier is necessary. They should determine your medical history, concerns, and intentions to give you the best consideration. The best medical care supplier centers also check your health in the present and future.

The following primary care services for West Dearborn Primary Care are given below:

Geriatric Service

Geriatric Services

Our older family plays a critical role in our lives and networks. It’s essential to ensure they get proper care and great well-being. To accomplish this, guardians should understand the medicines suggested to their older family members. Our geriatric specialists, or geriatricians, tend to meet the well-being needs of older people. 

Our specialists give customized treatment choices, assuring our seniors get the care they deserve. By working intimately with our experts, we can assist our old friends and family with having better and more joyful realities.

Chronic Conditions

Living with a chronic disease can be challenging, as it frequently requires changing according to the requests of the sickness and its therapies.

Regular circumstances, such as heart illness, high cholesterol, asthma, COPD, and diabetes, have complex causes and may cause practical difficulty or inability. 

Adapting to a chronic disease includes understanding the condition, overseeing medicines, and keeping up with care. As a result,  people and families will explore the difficulties of chronic illnesses, offering a feeling of control and hope despite uncertainty.

Our primary care specialists have practical experience dealing with long-term medical issues and giving customized care and therapy plans for diseases like heart illness, high cholesterol, asthma, COPD, and diabetes.

Conditions Chronic

Immunization & Preventive Care

Everyone needs regular medical services when they’re sick. Our primary care suppliers like a clinical home for you if you get ill and get preventive therapies. We cover everything from immunizations and well-being check-ups to overseeing asthma and giving nutrition guidance. 

We’re always around for all phases of your and your family’s growth, including sports and school physicals. Also, if your kid travels abroad, we offer immunizations prescribed by the CDC to protect against illnesses common in different nations, ensuring they stay sound wherever they go. We want to keep kids locally safe, giving them the consideration they need at each step of their journey.

Preventive Care
Laceration Procedure

Laceration Procedures

It’s essential to be aware of the side effects of minor and more severe cuts, mainly as individuals participate in open-air exercises like climbing and swimming. A cut, which can go from a little scratch to a profound amount, could appear minor. However, if not treated, it can become serious.

Using an anti-infection balm and covering the wound with a sterile swathe supports healing. Even with broad cuts, looking for proficient clinical help quickly is ideal. Fasteners or staples provide quicker recovery and lessen the risk of contamination and scarring.

Indications of redness, expansion, or discharge require clinical consideration if you’re unsure about the seriousness of a cut—our expert doctors and medical caretakers are here to give care at whatever point you need it. Keep in mind that your health is our need, so go ahead and tell us about any worries.

Women’s Health Service

Our committed group offers a scope of oversight, including


Clinical discussions

Nutrition appeal

And guidance.

Our administrations include Women’s health services, where you can get a careful medical check-up, including tests and life counseling. Our medical specialists are accessible for immediate consideration and can help you track down an ordinary GP. Also, our dietician can address nutrition-related worries. At the same time, our advocates offer short-term, medium-term, and long-term guidance for women affected by misuse or disregard, including different types of violence and attacks.

Our staff will provide personalized attention according to your unique needs, ensuring each lady gets the attention she deserves.

Women's Health Services

School, Sports, and camp physicals

If your kid needs a check before joining a game group or going to camp, our primary care is for you! You can step into any area without an appointment. We offer physicals explicitly for young youngsters for sports or camp exercises. It’s essential to note that a parent should go with understudies younger than 18.

These tests, frequently referred to as sports physicals, are essential for ensuring your young candidate or camper is stable and prepared to participate. Schools and sports associations regularly require these tests to ensure your youngster’s worth on the field.

Our primary care experts will analyze your child, looking at essential signs, levels, weight, vision, and, in general, clinical history. We’ll finish any required structures your school area expects, ensuring a smooth interaction for you and your child.

Lab Tests

Our lab tests cover a range of fundamental well-being information. Critical for understanding your prosperity, these tests include the 

Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) evaluate kidney capability, electrolyte equilibrium, and glucose levels. The Lipid Board assesses coronary illness gambles.

Thyroid Tests screen the thyroid organ’s exhibition, which is fundamental for digestion guidelines. 

Tests such as the Complete Blood Count (CBC) and White Blood Cell (WBC) tests help diagnose contamination and blood-related illnesses.

An Urine Analysis (UA) includes a pee test to recognize problems, including kidney issues and diseases.

Our accomplished experts ensure a consistent testing experience, giving essential knowledge about your well-being and empowering practical and relevant clinical concerns.

Sudden illnesses

Finding that you have an unexpected disease can be terrifying, disturbing your day-to-day routine. The most critical step is to focus on your health. That is fine if it stops your work, school, or different exercises to focus on your treatment. Dealing with yourself should be your essential concern right now. 

A few intense diseases might become ongoing, requiring long-term care. While this may not be what is happening, it’s wise to be ready and informed. Consult our primary care experts to figure out your sudden illnesses, and our expert experience helps to overcome your illness. 

Skin Care

At West Dearborn Primary Care, our talented skin specialists understand the significance of skin. Whether you’re hoping to level out your complexion, decrease wrinkles, animate collagen creation, or eliminate unwanted hair, our experts can assist you with achieving a refreshed, energetic appearance.

We offer a range of accessible treatments to upgrade your skin’s glow. Moreover, we adopt a comprehensive plan for skin well-being, offering customized diet and lifestyle designs that help solidify skin. Find beneficial skin methods at West Dearborn Primary Care, where we focus on your skin’s essentialness and attractiveness.


We are here to insure you can get the best health care assessment and testing. 

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