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Almost all babies, toddlers, and children get the most common pediatric illnesses. Most parents, especially new parents, are not trained to handle their children in these situations; hence, they panic. It’s important to take your child’s illness seriously, take good care of them, and visit your General Physician or health visitor.

However, after taking advice from your doctor, you may manage common pediatric illnesses at home. If you feel your child is seriously ill, our doctors at our Dearborn Center are ready to provide immediate help.

Common Pediatric Illnesses in Dearborn  

Almost every child catches these illnesses sometime during their early years of life. 

  • ○ Common cold
  • ○ Sinusitis
  • ○ Viral and strep sore throat
  • ○ Bronchitis
  • ○ Pneumonia
  • ○ Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infection
  • Influenza
  • ○ Fever
  • ○ Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • ○ Urinary tract infection
  • ○ Allergic reactions
Pediatric Illnesses Treatment
Pediatric Illnesses testing Services in Deraborn
  • ○ Minor wounds and lacerations(nose or ear)
  • ○ Ear infections
  • ○ Earwax impaction
  • ○ Swimmer’s ear
  • ○ Foreign body impaction

The list of pediatric illnesses varies from one child to another, some are more injury-prone, and others have a habit of putting foreign bodies in their noses or ears.

While others are allergic and complain more of nose and ear infections or repeated skin rashes.

Besides these common ailments, we also treat minor sprains, fractures, and burns.

What Services Do We Provide at Our Dearborn Center?

As we can’t plan for everyday pediatric illnesses or injuries. If your child needs timely care and treatment for any of the above-mentioned non-life-threatening conditions, rely on our urgent care center in Dearborn.

Not only do our qualified doctors help in the early diagnosis of these pediatric illnesses, but we also provide timely care that helps decrease the course of the disease as well as its severity.

1. Pediatric Illnesses Diagnostic Tests

Treatment of Pediatric Illnesses Dearborn

We also have the availability of common pediatric illnesses diagnostic test kits that further aid in the early diagnosis of many contagious diseases.

This not only enables us to start early treatment before the disease flares up in full swing.

But also reduces the chances of it spreading to others through our awareness campaign.

These include testing for the following:

  • ○ Covid-19 
  • ○ Influenza 
  • ○ Streptococcal sore throat
  • ○ RSV

2.Vaccination Services:

In addition to diagnosing and treating pediatric illnesses, we also provide vaccination facilities to strengthen your child’s immunity. This not only ensures your child’s protection against diseases but also decreases the possibility of dangerous diseases outbreak in a community. Your child requires multiple vaccinations from birth until they become an adult. Make sure you bring your child regularly to our Dearborn Center to stay up-to-date on their vaccines.

3.On-site X-ray Services

To aid in the early diagnosis of chest infections like pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinusitis, and also for foreign body impaction, and fractures, we have the facility of an on-site X-ray in our Dearborn Center. Our doctors assess pediatric illnesses and order an X-ray accordingly.

At our Urgent Care Center in Dearborn, you get fast and affordable care for your child. Besides, when your doctor is not available to see you, get urgent care for everyday conditions that can’t wait for treatment, including X-rays, IV hydration, breathing treatments, and immunizations for tetanus and influenza.

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