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Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) is a specialty that comes under the umbrella of Preventive Medicine. It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of work-related diseases and injuries.

We have the facility for Occupational Medicine services at our Dearborn centre. We have highly trained specialists who provide the best quality services to enhance the health of workers.

Role of Occupational Medicine Professionals

Our Occupational Medicine & Environmental Medicine professionals play their role in improving the health of workers by providing you:

  • ○ Clinical care
  • ○ Prevention of diseases
  • ○ Managing disability

Employees who get injured during employment or who develop work-related diseases require specialized care on the one hand and become eligible for compensation benefits on the other.

What Does Occupational Medicine Testing At Dearborn Encompass?

Our healthcare professionals perform fit-for-duty tests as a part of occupational medicine testing. It is used to determine the job applicant’s physical suitability for the job. There is no single set of tests for all jobs. Tests are usually custom-designed for each specific job function. Also, tests help to rule out any pre-existing injuries or deformities.

1. Dealing with patients:

We engage our patients well in deciding and rating our occupational medicine services.

A great patient experience can play an important role in their rapid recovery.

2. Engaging employers & Work Site Visits:

We keep employers part of our process by keeping them updated about their workers’ health conditions. Our doctors and occupational medicine professionals visit your work sites to identify workplace hazards.

It may help to modify our treatment accordingly to ensure the early return to work of your employees.

Occupational Medicine Services Dearborn MI
Quality Occupational Medicine and Treatments

3.Transparent reporting:

Communication and reporting are part of a successful occupational medicine program. We at our Dearborn Centre ensure employees’ transparent reporting and bring it to the knowledge of the employer to keep them updated.

4.Quality medical services:

Our healthcare professionals at Dearborn Centre provide quality Occupational Medicine Services keeping the return-to-work philosophy in mind. Patient treatment is focused on early diagnosis followed by early interventions.

This includes physical or activity therapy to avoid unnecessary disability and to ensure patients’ earlier return to work.

  • 5. Employees & Workplace:

    Performing pre-employment testing before workers start work, and educating them to prevent workplace injuries ensures workplace health.

  • ○ Pre-employment screening: Many companies require pre-placement screening of human resources to reduce health and safety risks in the workplace.
  • ○ Avoiding workplace accidents: Regular medical screening programs help identify high-risk employees, and their timely treatment may prevent workplace injuries and accidents.
  • ○ Employee training: We educate employees on injury prevention and implementing safety measures to avoid developing workplace-related diseases.
Occupational Medicine Services for Employees

If you are an employer and need occupational Medicine services and wants to screen your workers for pre-employment fitness or get them through regular check-ups, come visit us at the Dearborn Centre. We not only help in the early detection of various diseases but also provide early interventions to ensure their early return to work.

On the one hand, we satisfy you as an employer by keeping you in the picture, but we also ensure a great patient experience for your workers. This helps them get back to functioning in a faster way. We are dedicated to providing high-quality patient care in Dearborn.

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